Welcome to Kilmore Presbyterian Church

During July and August church service will be at the 11:00am.


The following guidelines must be followed:

  • 2m social distancing between individuals or household groups must be maintained.
  • There is a legal requirement for face-covering to be worn on entering and exiting and during the entire service, except for those exempt and those leading from the front.
  • If you are feeling unwell we would ask you to refrain from attending church.
  • Before and after church services it is encouraged that 2m social distancing is maintained and ideally to continue to wear face-coverings.

 On Arrival

  • You will be welcomed at the church gate; you will then be instructed to either sit downstairs or upstairs in the gallery. This will depend on mobility and number in party/family. You may be asked to sit in a different seat on different weeks. Only pews with the doors open are to be used.
  • Everyone will enter through the main doors into the vestibule, where there will be hand sanitiser for your use.
  • For those sitting downstairs you may enter through either the Riverside or Graveyard doors.
  • If attending church by yourself if you could please sit on the outer assigned pews and if first into the pew please sit against the wall/window. This will allow another member of the congregation to sit in the same pew 2 metres apart BUT against the pew door.
  • If you are attending as a couple if you could please sit in the inner assigned pews and as close to the pew door as possible.
  • This will allow us to utilise the church pews to their optimal capacity while maintaining social distancing. We will have someone within the church to help seat everyone in a quick and efficient manner.
  • For those sitting upstairs in the gallery you must use the Riverside stairs.
  • Once upstairs please use only the assigned pews.

On Exiting

To facilitate a prompt and efficient exiting the following must be adhered to:

  • Those sitting on the Riverside downstairs to exit through the vestibule and the main door, with those sitting closest to the door to exit first.
  • Those sitting on the Graveyard downstairs to exit via the door to the right of the pulpit, with those closest to the pulpit exiting first.
  • All sitting upstairs must use the Graveyard side door and wait until the vestibule is clear.
  • We have to been asked to encourage those attending not to slip into careless habits of failing to maintain social distancing before and after gatherings.


We will still be providing an online service every Sunday and will be available later.

If you would like to view our online services click here.


Our aim is to grow in our knowledge and love of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit, to serve the Lord Jesus, 

in our community. 

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